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How Are Realistic Sex Dolls Made?
This may not seem like a big deal, but we believe it's good to have a basic understanding of the process so you can better understand the situation when you decide to buy a bezlya sex doll one day. The whole process of making a sex doll is actually quite complicated. Without going into too much detail, here's a simplified overview of the process: First, an artist or sculptor models a life-size clay model of the doll's body. An artist's work can take months to perfect. He uses photos and sketches to create and design the perfect model. After the clay model is complete, the clay model is cast into a separate fiberglass mold for each model, which is the "inverse" of the clay model. Pour liquid TPE or silicone into the mold around the removable metal frame and allow it to harden. The mold is then removed, and the doll body is then hand finished by workshop artists who remove excess material, smooth and treat the skin, hand finish makeup and other miscellaneous details. The head is made in a similar way, but in a different shape than the body.

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How Much Can I Change on a Sex Doll?
Well, it's good to know that the thick sex dolls come from pre-made molds. Different molds are used to create different body shapes and sizes. Once the mold is made, the mold itself cannot be customized. So you can't (for example) change the breast size of a particular sex doll without completely changing the shape. Therefore, when choosing a body type, you must know that the body type is fixed and cannot be changed.

All lifelike sex dolls are handcrafted and custom made. Even the "pre-configured" dolls are custom made. Preconfigured love dolls are simple handmade love dolls with a set of options to configure. The production side of the sex doll is the same as custom sex dolls (more on custom sex dolls soon). Sex dolls don't live on a shelf in some far-flung wonderland, they're handcrafted to order. They are time consuming to make and most people these days want to customize them in their own way, so for most small dealers like us, if someone wants it to be exactly "photo like" then it is financially is not feasible.

Can I Make A Custom Sex Doll?
Yes, you can! You can choose from all the individual components that make up the entire XYCOLO doll to create your personalized custom love doll configuration from every sex doll in our complete collection of sex dolls. The individual components include head, body, eyes, nails, toenails, skin color, wig, pubic hair (or not), areola color, labia color, nipple color, nipple size, tongue (strengthen the mouth), bone type (shrug), Standing or non-standing feet, fixed or removable vagina, etc. You can request handcrafted details such as freckles or other hand painted finishes. Some have heating elements, some have hymen, some have wireless sound simulation, and some have various robots. But we're not going to delve into sex robots just yet. It is also possible if you want to design your own realistic sex doll completely from scratch, all you have to do is provide the sculptor with enough photos to recreate your "vision" or design.

For the time being, we just want to give you an idea of ​​what's possible and show how extensively you can customize tpe sex dolls.

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Realistic Sex Dolls And Their Lonely Masters
Lonely people in the city began to attach their feelings to thick sex dolls, walking, eating, watching movies, and planning their future lives with sex dolls. Behind the life of love dolls is the extreme loneliness of men.

It All Starts With Sex Dolls
On December 24, 2016, Jack and his first Christmas Eve brought a TPE doll named Marilyn. In a popular restaurant, Marilyn sits in a wheelchair to Jack's right.

This is a well-prepared appointment. This restaurant recently opened during the festive season and is beautifully decorated. Marilyn wore a woolen hat with white pom-poms, a silver wig on her head, and her pink coat had slender white fingers at the cuffs. Before Jack went to the restaurant, he went to the counter in the mall to buy Marilyn a present, which was a beautiful lipstick.

The restaurant smelled warm and the escorts were talking. Jack took Marilyn's hand but couldn't speak to her. Marilyn is a simulated silicone sex doll. The whole body skeleton is made of metal, the bones are filled with sponge and finally coated with TPE material. Marilyn has soft, delicate, smooth hands. Looking closely, you can see that the knuckles on the fingers are concave and even have fine lines. The only difference is that these hands are always cold.

Jack grew up in a family where his parents fought a lot. Unhappy mother angry with child. In a lonely and passive environment, Jack, who has few friends, has developed a sensitive and introverted character.

The decision to buy a bezlya sex doll was tied to a four-year crush. Jack keeps delivering small gifts and trying to fulfill the girls' wishes. Nursing was fully accepted, but there was little response. In 2014, Jack graduated from college and broke up with the girl. He believes that in the future he will live alone. In the spring of 2016, he bought a fake silicone doll from a sex doll maker for another $1,300, which cost him a month's salary. Jack called her "Marilyn" and the day she came home was her birthday.

Jack spent a lot of money to buy Marilyn a dozen wigs and more than twenty clothes. He took Marilyn for a walk, watched the long-awaited movie premiere, went to a nice restaurant together, and looked forward to taking her on a trip after learning to drive.

Marilyn has a lot of fun: she eats her birthday cake on March 6 every year, and spends three years of Christmas and New Years with Jack. In 2017, Marilyn's first birthday, Jack was keen on a Japanese anime costume and planned to use it as Marilyn's wedding dress.

Fail With Girlfriend
In the summer of 2017, the girl who had a secret love for 6 years finally agreed to form a team with Jack. His first date was at Disneyland. He admired the girl's delicate makeup and blue dress, and kisses drenched in sweet perfume.

But in the end, the two couldn't understand each other, and the girlfriend couldn't understand why men bought xycolo doll. After a few dates, Jack occasionally thinks of Marilyn, which would not have happened if they were dating. Soon after, Jack proposed to break up because his girlfriend lost contact for no reason. The breakup ended his yearning for reality, and this time the relationship seemed less sad.

On March 7, 2019, Jack urged Marilyn to take a walk around the square. More than ten minutes away, passersby kept taking pictures with their mobile phones. After dark, the flash made his eyes uncomfortable. He stopped taking Marilyn for a while.

As the only child, Jack wanted someone to accompany him and was no longer alone, so he spent money to buy a second simulated love doll. These ritualized actions actually reflect Jack's own wishes. He can determine the shape of the sex doll and shape the doll's personality. This need for a real doll, who would never leave or give up her sense of control, made Jack feel confident.

Start A Sex Doll Business
In November 2019, Jack left home this summer to start a business and open a coffee shop. He had been in the habit of taking Marilyn with him. At the beginning of the store, the partner withdrew the capital, and the cafe lost money for three consecutive months. His debts add up to 50,000. After finishing the operation of the cafe, he no longer had the strength to dress Marilyn. Marilyn's head was placed in the suitcase with clothes and quilts in it. He plans to send Marilyn back home after the new year.

Jack is a man who lives with sex dolls. People are more familiar with love dolls as sex tools. With the development of material technology, TPE and silicone materials are used to make sex dolls. This results in a more refined, well-proportioned face of the sex doll and a more human-like touch. They begin to secretly enter the lives of loners and have a place in their spiritual world.

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Beautiful, lifelike sex dolls are all the hype these days. How could they not? Not only are they beautiful and sexy, but they can also make excellent companions without adding drama. But if you're looking to buy one for yourself, you might be wondering: how much do sex dolls cost?

Due to the different types, materials and sizes of xycolo doll, the question of price can be a little complicated. That's why we've created this in-depth pricing guide to help you better understand what to expect when shopping for a new silicone buff. Let's go in now!

Material Type Affects Cost of Sex Dolls

As in many other cases, quality has its price. The type of material the sex doll is made of, how much was used in its creation, and how realistic it feels to you can all affect the price. More specifically, we'll break everything down into four key factors.

Materials For Making Sex Dolls
Worth making sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone as these are the industry standard. On the other hand, only inferior sex dolls are made of rubber or latex and are generally not recommended.

Both TPE and silicone dolls provide a very realistic look and feel. Of the two, bezlya sex doll made from silicone tend to be more expensive but of better quality. On the other hand, TPE sex dolls are cheaper, and the material itself is prone to porosity and low heat resistance.

At Sodoll you'll find a range of silicone dolls and a variety of TPE sex dolls to suit every budget and need.

Material Quality
The quality of the material also determines the price of the sex doll. Of course, high-quality materials are always more expensive than inferior ones. For example, TPE dolls are made by mixing different types of plastics. High-quality TPEs contain only a few types of plastic, and they're all pure, so they're more expensive. Conversely, mixing more impure types of plastic will result in cheaper TPEs. It works the same way as a silicone doll.

All in all, inferior TPE sex dolls are the cheapest option. Alternatively, high-quality silicone sex dolls are some of the most expensive on the market.

Amount Of Material Used
The final price of thick sex dolls largely depends on its size and weight. This is because its height and weight directly affect the amount of material needed to make it. Therefore, a big, thick and heavy sex doll is more expensive than a small, thin and light doll. It should also be noted that each real doll has a different skeleton, which also affects their weight.

Details That Make Sex Dolls Look Lifelike
Do you want a plastic lover that looks very realistic? Then, you have to be prepared to spend a little more. The amount of detail and the time it takes to make a real sex doll will also determine the price.

To make your real sex doll look as good as possible, companies need to hire professional painters and sculptors. Your task is to make models, molds and realistic body parts such as genitals or eyes. Additionally, all components must be anatomically correct and comfortable to use. Because of this, some parts of the sex doll can't be mass-produced - they have to be handcrafted.

Also, the materials have to be of good quality to make the love doll feel more real, which usually costs more. So you can buy lifelike love dolls according to your budget.

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